Website Design  

When a Dental or OMS professional chooses Windent as their content creator for their presence on the internet, they understand that our staff is responsive and attentive to your needs for your online image. Once the process begins, the practice will begin to see their online presence unfold, as each step of the process is confirmed as adequate for the office. You can rest assured knowing that your site is being built the way YOU want it.

On-line Software Integration with Windent SQL/OMS

A large benefit you will learn to appreciate is the online integration offered through Windent Web Services and Windent Practice Management software suites such as WindentSQL and WindentOMS. Opening more doors in technology for the office, Windent makes this process as painless as possible. The Windent WebForms are easy to read and understand, allowing your patients to enjoy a quick and easy experience for patient registration.

Enjoy these On-Line forms when enrolling for software integration with Windent:
  Patient Registration / Health History
  Doctor Referral
  Patient Payment
Hosting and Maintenance

Offered individually or in conjunction with your Windent website, web hosting and website maintenance will ensure your online presence is active and running smoothly. Worry less when you have web hosting and website maintenance with Windent. 

Enjoy these features when enrolling for hosting with Windent:
  Website Statistics
  Complete E-Mail Services
  Listing on Top Search Engines


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