Every website hosting with Windent Web Services includes the following features:

25GB Monthly Bandwidth The amount of information that can be transferred to and from your website in a given month.
400MB Disk Space The amount of disk space your website is allocated.
250 E-Mail Accounts You can create up to 250 unique e-mail addresses.
8 Extra Domains Allows you to have multiple domain names point to your website. For instance, drjsmith.com and drjohnsmith.com would both point to your website.
Shared SSL Certificate Allows the secure encrypted transfer of sensitive information over the internet.
PHP, Perl, XML, CGI-BIN & ColdFusionMX 6.1 We support these scripting languages for creating dynamic interactive websites.
50MB Microsoft SQL 2000 Database access that powers interactive websites.

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Web hosting by Windent Web Services is available with any of the web design Packages we offer.


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